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AskUCR is designed as a hub for student supports, services, and resources. The site uses jargon-free language, to help explain and connect students to major campus supports and engagement opportunities.

If you don’t know, AskUCR!

Campus Deadlines 

July 4 Independence Day Holiday (no classes)
July 5 Final day for enrollment (Session A) with Enrollment Adjustment form
July 5 Final day to drop a course with full refund, no grade (Session D)
July 7 Last day to enroll (Session F)
July 7 Last day for enrollment (Session D) with Enrollment Adjustment form
July 14 Final day for enrollment (Session F) with Enrollment Adjustment form
July 28-29 Final Examinations (Session A)
July 31 Session B instruction begins
Aug 4 Last day to enroll for Session B
Aug 4 Final day to drop a course with full refund and no grade (Session B)
Aug 8 Final day for enrollment (Session B) with Enrollment Adjustment form
*Deadlines above are intended as reminders only and must be verified with the coordinating office. 
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Learning Resources

These UCR resources are here to support you toward your academic goals including the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the Library, Grad Success, and Keep Learning.



  • Research Services to learn how to find and manage resources, write strong academic papers, utilize our services, and learn tools of the research trade
  • Instructional Support to provide and support information literacy and research instruction for the entire campus community


Earn points towards career competency digital badges for participation in activities on campus that you are probably already involved in such as:

  • courses
  • student clubs and orgs
  • research
  • and much, much more

Visit our website at to find more information and sign-up today!

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Tech Support

UCR Information Technology Solutions (ITS) provides resources to help students:

Phone: (951) 827-IT4U (4848)



Are you a freshman or transfer student?

Get a Mentor


UCR Videos

Introduction to UCR ITS
Health & Wellness Services
 How to: Boost Your Mental Health


Campus Resources