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Peer Mentor Programs
  • Asian Pacific Student Programs Peer Mentoring Program

    Peer Mentors help first-year and transfer students make a smooth adjustment to college life and culture, direct them to UCR resources, and help them discover opportunities for personal, academic, and social growth. Get paired up with a peer mentor or become a peer mentor to help other students.

  • Assistance, Coaching, and Encouragement (ACE)

    Assistance, Coaching, and Encouragement (ACE) is a customized academic support program for students encountering academic difficulty. The goal of ACE is to aid students in the development of essential and lifelong academic skills and study habits that will ultimately help them achieve academic success. Please contact the ARC front desk at (951) 827-3721 and ask to speak to an ACE counselor for additional information.

    You are encouraged to enroll in ACE if you are a UCR student with the following concerns:

    • Having difficulty transitioning from high school to college
    • Don't have the GPA you should have
    • Don't understand faculty and/or course expectations
    • Need help with study skills development
  • Bourns College of Engineering (BCoE) Peer Mentors

    BCOE Peer Mentors are part of the Transfer Transition Program.

    The Transfer Transition Program (TTP) is a year-long initiative designed to support incoming transfer students with tools to get on the fast track toward success.

  • Campus Collective Mentoring Program

    UCR's Campus Collective is an exciting new mentoring program for students who are entering college as a freshman or a new transfer student.  Students are matched with mentors who are there to offer guidance as students acclimate to life in college.  Mentors will assist mentees in navigating the many adjustments that students often face when attending college for the first time. Mentoring pairs connect by text, phone, email, or virtual meeting platform. 

    Areas of support include:

    • Access campus support services
    • The purpose and benefits of utilizing a professor's office hours
    • Finding meaning social outlets
    • Find ways to become engaged on campus (research, internships, etc.)
    • How to best manage your time
    • Maximizing your college experience so that you develop both academically and socially
  • Chicano Link Peer Mentor Program
  • CNAS Scholars Peer Program

    Our Peer Mentors are a team of highly successful CNAS students who have been trained to assist our Learning Community students navigate undergraduate life. They are here to work with students through academics, developing success skills, exploring STEM careers, securing research opportunities, and finding other ways to enrich your time at UCR. 

    Each of our Peer Mentors is a CNAS student who has successfully completed the CNAS Learning Community program. They are all involved in a diverse array of campus programs, student organizations, community groups, and research projects. They have trained to be a source of guidance who can help students find solutions to their needs and make the most of their first-year by assisting with facilitating NASC 93 in the fall, presenting at quarterly workshops, and meeting with first-year students one-on-one.

  • CNAS STEM Peer Mentors

    The CNAS STEM Peer Mentors are high achieving successful CNAS students many of them are transfer students who understand the unique obstacles it takes to be successful when transferring to UCR. They are an invaluable resource when trying to get connected and adjusted to life on campus. As an incoming 1st Year Transfer Student in CNAS we highly recommend and encourage you to Register for a STEM Peer Mentor. 

  • First-Generation Mentorship Program (FGMP)

    The First-Generation Mentorship Program (FGMP) was put together by the Residential Life Department to assist First-Generation college students living on campus navigate their college experience while creating a safe space for students to express themselves, receive assistance to overcome their unique challenges, and prepare them for a brighter future.

    Visit for more information and how to apply!

  • Global Opportunities Abroad Leaders (GOAL)

    As part of Education Abroad's commitment to internationalization and student development, the Global Opportunities Abroad Leader (GOAL) program provides returning study abroad students with an opportunity to cultivate overseas’ educational goals and cultural experiences with the engagement of University of California, Riverside’s student cohort for potential international undergraduate or post-graduate opportunities.

    GOAL participants serve as mentors to anyone considering international opportunities. This includes but is not limited to study, internship, volunteer, and work abroad opportunities. In addition, GOAL participants will assist with study abroad recruitment, marketing/outreach, event programming, and peer-advising.

  • Intertribal Connect Peer Mentor Program (I-Connect)

    Welcome to the UCR family! The Intertribal Connect Peer Mentor Program, otherwise known as I-Connect, supports a positive transition to UCR and promotes academic, cultural, and social success. Join our NASP Family and be a part of this program!

    Trained peer mentors are UCR undergraduate and graduate students. As a mentee, you will be paired with someone who can help you:

    • Build a strong network of support
    • Navigate UCR and discover resources
    • Connect with clubs and organizations
    • Plug into events and cultural celebrations
    • Attain major-specific advice on professors, projects, and key opportunities
    • Hone your study and time management skills
    • Develop cultural awareness

    ORBITS - Obtain Resources Become Informed Target Success: Mentoring program for first-generation students in their second year or third year (if a transfer). Hosted by the Career Center. 

  • School of Business Transfer Mentors

    The Transfer Student Mentor Program consists of senior-level business administration students who serve as mentors to junior transfer students who have just started at UC Riverside. The Transfer Mentors are available for support and advice about life at UCR, and they also provide professional and/or academic workshops for their mentees.

  • Student Alumni Mentorship (SAM)


    One-on-one mentoring from successful alumni in your field of interest. Hosted by the Student Alumni Association and Alumni offices.

  • Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) Peer Mentors

    (SDRC) Peer Mentors* are student volunteers that help facilitate a student's transition to UCR. They assist newly registered students with:

    • disability awareness and accommodations at the university level
    • providing guidance to and directions on how to access resources on campus
    • goal setting and progress monitoring

    *Peer mentors are juniors and seniors who are also registered with SDRC and partake in ongoing training to ensure they can support their mentee(s).

  • Student Life First-Year Mentors


    Peer mentoring for first-year students to help learn how to navigate the university. Offered via Student Life.

  • TRIO Scholars Program

    UC Riverside's TRIO Scholars Program, also known as Student Support Services (SSS), is dedicated to opening the door of opportunity.  TRIO Scholars focuses on improving retention and graduation rates of first-generation and income-qualified students and students with disabilities. The 140 TRIO Scholar Program participants gain academic, social, personal, and career support from entry into the program until graduation.

Peer Support
  • Career Center Peer Advisors

    The Career Center Peer Advisors are here to help you out with your professional development. We are here to support, assist, and provide guidance for students in drop-in advising, workshops, and information sessions—all of which are designed to encourage your exploration of the career and academic opportunities available to you.

  • Community OUTreach Educators (CORE)

    CORE (Community OUTreach Educators) is our peer education program. CORE student volunteers are trained to educate others regarding sexual orientation and gender identity; raise awareness of the LGBT and allies community, and represent the LGBT Resource Center.

  • CNAS Science Ambassadors

    The Science Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to represent UC Riverside’s College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Programs to internal and external constituents. The Science Ambassadors are the face of the college and assist the school as a host during official functions, make presentations, and act as a student liaison with the various communities that CNAS serves both on and off-campus, with a particular emphasis on recruiting events and activities. Ambassadors are knowledgeable about their majors and UCR, and are easily able to communicate their passion for both to prospective students and their families. Ambassadors are highly involved in activities outside of the classroom, including undergraduate research, student life, athletics, etc. Each Ambassador has a distinct voice and a unique story which all contribute to a rich diverse representation for the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at UC Riverside. CNAS Science Ambassadors adhere to the highest standards of student conduct and academic integrity.

  • Dean's Brand Ambassadors (School of Public Policy)

    The Dean's Brand Ambassador Program is a leadership and student success initiative aimed at developing high-achieving public policy students and actively building the School’s brand profile. As part of the marketing, communications and events arm of the UCR School of Public Policy, ambassadors are cream-of-the-crop public policy students who serve as brand advocates, outreach marketers, event staff, and role models to their peers. They design community engagement events such as seminars, community service events, and mixers, among others. Candidates undergo a highly selective interview process in the winter and rigorous onboarding and training in the spring quarter.

  • Education Ambassadors

    Education Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Education, Society, and Human Development (ESHD) Undergraduate Major. Our Ambassadors are top-notch education students who support the vision and spirit of the GSOE by collaborating with faculty and staff to provide engaging, informative, and personalized experiences for the ESHD community. Ambassadors participate in a variety of outreach and recruitment events on and off-campus and facilitate a wide range of student engagement workshops and opportunities for learning and mentorship. Students Ambassadors serve as role models, lending their unique insight and voice to the undergraduate experience and by helping shape a vibrant learning community.

  • Golden ARCHES Peer Health Education Program

    Advocating Responsible Choices through Health Education and Support

    • Golden ARCHES is a peer health education group at UC Riverside, focused on the topics of alcohol and other drugs, safe partying, sexual health, and nutrition & fitness.
    • Golden ARCHES believes in providing UC Riverside’s students with accurate and honest health information, skills, and resources, so students can make informed decisions that enhance their personal health and well-being.
    • Golden ARCHES peers are advocates for responsible decision-making when it comes to individuals’ health, and for creating a campus community that nurtures and supports these decisions.
    • Golden ARCHES peer educators gain valuable experience in health education programming and serve as positive role models for their peers.
  • Health Professions Advising Center Peer Ambassadors

    The Health Professions Advising Center (HPAC), a unit of Undergraduate Education, provides information, guidance, resources, and support to students planning a career in the health professions.

    HPAC Student Ambassadors meet with pre-health students to answer questions about the pre-health options available to students.

  • International Peer Assistants

    International Peer Assistants support undergraduate international students at UCR through meetings with their IPA mentors and participation in workshops and events. Becoming an International Peer Assistant is a great way to get involved in the international community, make new friends, and guide new international students.

  • School of Business Student Ambassadors

    The Student Ambassador Program offers a great opportunity for undergraduate students to represent the business school to internal and external UCR constituents. Each academic year, a group of 15–20 undergraduate students will be selected for the program. Students selected to be ambassadors will develop skills in:

    • Leadership
    • Group dynamics
    • Public speaking
    • Communication
  • Sexual Assault & Violence Education (SAVE)

    Sexual Assault & Violence Education (SAVE) student volunteer peer educators facilitate outreach and quarterly campaigns and events to promote and educate on consent, rape culture, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and available resources on campus and in the community. SAVE peer educators are active at nooners, in residence halls, and other campus events and assist in CARE programs promoting consent and healthy relationships. 

  • Student Engagement Student Ambassadors

    Student Engagement (SE) Ambassadors represent high-impact programs coordinated through the Office of Student Engagement that enhance the UCR educational experience. Programs student ambassadors represent are:

    • Undergraduate Research
      • Mini-grants
      • Research portal
      • Research symposium
      • Research journal
      • Chancellor's Research Fellowship
    • R'Courses
    • Prestigious Scholarships and Awards
  • University Honors Ambassadors

    The University Honors Ambassador Program is a competitive leadership opportunity for any Honors student who wishes to develop leadership, event management, and interpersonal skills. University Honors Ambassadors work with the Honors team to enhance student development through peer mentoring, workshops, and extracurricular activities for Honors students.

Graduate Peer Mentors
  • Graduate Student Mentoring Program

    The GSMP has four main goals:

    1. To lower graduate student attrition, especially among the most vulnerable populations, by connecting first-year students to campus resources;
    2. Help first-year graduate students transition from undergraduate programs or careers into graduate study;
    3. Professionalize mentors and help them develop effective mentoring and networking practices; and
    4. Create a network of mentors and build a sense of graduate student community.

    All incoming PhD and MFA students are contacted in May and invited to participate.

  • Graduate Special Topics Peer Mentors

    Mentors available for:

    • Early career communication and professional development
    • Mental health and wellness resources

Career Mentoring