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R'Courses are 1-unit, S/NC offerings facilitated by undergraduate students on unique topics not offered through UCR departments. Each course has a faculty instructor of record who provides mentoring and support behind the scenes. 

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Over the past four years, we have had quite an assortment of unique courses offered; from popular culture, policy and politics, social justice issues, international issues, languages, math and technology, and many others that don’t fit neatly into any one category. The one thing our students have in common is a passion for their chosen course topic.

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Some prior R'Courses students have taught in the past include:

  • The Cultural and Societal Impacts of the Iranian Revolution
  • Structural Barriers and Determinants of Health in the Inland Empire
  •  The Science of Skin and Hair
  • Theory of Resistance 
  • Understanding Graphic Novels and Comic Books
  •  Aquaponics: Future of Sustainability
  • The Grim Reader: Death in Young Adult Literature
  • Urban Gardening
  • Analysis of The Black Panther: (Re)Imagining Black Identities and Futures
  • Critical Refugee Studies
  • Food Security
  • American Sign Language and Psycholinguistics

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Creating and teaching your own R’course is easier than you think, and we’ll help you every step of the way. The process is conducted in three phases: think/apply, develop/learn, and facilitate.

  1. The Think/Apply phase (Quarter 1) requires students to think of a course topic, identify a faculty mentor, develop the idea, and submit a proposal.
  2. The Develop/Learn phase (Quarter 2) requires future facilitators to enroll in 1-unit of 190 with their faculty mentor to develop the course, and enroll in 1-unit of EDUC 102 to learn about facilitation.
  3. Students lead the course for their peers in The Facilitate Phase (Quarter 3).

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