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Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC)

For more than 50 years, the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) has been dedicated to the mission of promoting an inclusive educational experience for UC Riverside students through the advocacy of equal access, disability and ability awareness, and empowerment. In the early 1960s, UCR became one of the first universities in the nation to make its campus wheelchair accessible and offer services for all students with disabilities. Today, the SDRC's highly qualified team provides assistance to a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with permanent and temporary disabilities.

UCR works to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to educational programs and can fully participate in all aspects of campus life. SDRC is the unit designated to receive requests for accommodations, approve services, and coordinate support for students with disabilities to ensure access to the university's educational programs.

A personal consultation will help us individually tailor a plan to meet your disability-related needs, based on current functional limitations and any requirements of specific classes. Approval of accommodations is based on disability documentation and meeting with a disability specialist.

To request disability-related accommodations, you must register with SDRC. For detailed information, please visit the Apply for Accommodations webpage. For information on accommodations for UCR employees, please visit the Disability Management Resources webpage from UCR Human Resources.

Disability services are free, voluntary, private, and not part of your transcript.

Student Disability Resource Center


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